Farming in Errol, Perthshire for around 100 years, the Taylors family have always been behind the thick cut crunch of Mackie’s Crisps. But the time had come to go it alone.
It was a risky decision, and our challenge was to stop loyal customer love for Mackie’s Crisps from going stale as they took on a completely new name and look as part of the transition of brand ownership to Taylors Snacks. The objective was to maintain existing sales figures.
Branding and renaming with a significantly lower budget than typical FMCG rebranding campaigns, Lane and Taylors dared to go where no crisp (or brand) had gone before.


The campaign’s strategic approach was to consistently reinforce that Taylors are the same great product people loved when they knew them as Mackie’s Crisps. With a new name and pack to contend with, snackers had enough to get their heads around. So, we went simple and single minded, with the thick-cut crisps front and centre, taking every opportunity to reinforce time and time again that it’s the same product, different packet.

The idea, Spot the Difference, asked snack lovers to look behind the new pack and name to discover that everything that made the crisps great was here to stay. Using stop motion, we could promote the vast flavour range to create bright and bold visuals that couldn’t be missed. Running across TV, radio, OOH and digital, snackers couldn’t escape the Taylors message – tasty stuff.


When it came to crunching the all-important numbers, the Spot the Difference campaign over delivered on the aim of maintaining sales volume and SKU presence during the transition.
Four of the Taylors lines of existing flavours experienced double digit growth in Sainsbury’s in comparison to Mackie’s Crisps. The supermarket also saw +98% growth of the brand’s beloved Pickled Onion flavour. Taylors are now the number one premium crisps brand in Tesco Scotland, accounting for 21% of pack sold and sitting ahead of Walkers Sensations (17%). And eight of Taylors SKUs are achieving a unit ROS above 20 packs per store per week – only two Mackie’s flavours achieved this level pre-launch.

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