Tech 21 are a rapidly growing protective phone case business. Lane Media were briefed to deliver an innovative campaign, delivering demand generation on the back of the iPhone 7 launch, in both the UK & US.
The core target audience were Apple consumers, a broad and diverse group, cutting across a number of different demographics. The key unifying attribute to a Tech21 customer is those interested in protecting their device at the premium end of the case protection market.


To deliver highly targeted coverage of the target audience, our multimedia strategy was led by OOH media, supported by digital media and magazine placement.

OOH activity was planned by proximity to the highest performing Apple stores in the UK and US. We developed a suite of multi-format assets in order to secure highly visible space in the closest possible proximity to Apple stores.

55 different sites were placed in total, with the format variants including digital 6 sheets, large format billboards, static posters, tube cards, and StreetTalk formats.


Media was planned to commence in the immediate build up to Black Friday weekend, continuing through to Christmas. In the 4 days of Black Friday weekend last year, Tech 21 generated more revenue than in the whole of the previous November.
The iPhone 7 campaign was by far the largest marketing investment of the year and has undoubtedly contributed significantly to the YoY growth – total sales for the year are now re-forecast to be 40% higher than the previous year.

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