Founded in 1851 to support and educate children, The Donaldson Trust had a prestigious reputation for deaf education. Nowadays, it also serves a growing number of neurodivergent young people, helping them realise their potential and educating other organisations on how they can improve the experiences of neurodivergent people.

As they looked towards launching their 10-year strategy, The Donaldson Trust turned to Lane for a new look and feel that would give them the recognition and authority they rightly deserve as they continue on their journey doing great work.


We started with a workshop to gather as much insight as possible – about their history, their goals, their challenges and solutions. The young people were involved from the outset so that we could get their views and build this into the new brand.

From there, we developed “Together, we’ll find your voice” to reflect the combined energy towards a shared goal. A new brand better aligned with the charity’s goal to be the National Body for Neurodiversity.

This was followed by a completely new brand identity that included brand personality, values, proposition, tone of voice and guidelines.


“The Lane Agency are a fantastic group of specialists who have taken the time to understand our needs. They got to know us before they did anything else, and as a result, we now have a very positive and collaborative partnership.”
Laura Watkins, CEO, The Donaldson Trust 

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