When you’re approached to help with the redevelopment of one of the most iconic areas of your home city (and the world), you grab that opportunity with both hands! And that’s just what we did.

Ross Development Trust, having successfully restored the Ross Fountain in 2018 were now on to their next project – the reimagining of West Princes Street Gardens into a world-class destination, complete with redesigned theatre and new Welcome Centre, redesigned family areas and improved public amenities.


Our job was to create an equally iconic brand that would inspire support and help see this project realised in all its glory. Our audience was, well, almost everyone; young and old, individuals and businesses, locals and tourists. We had just three months to create something that reflected our client’s ambitious vision… something that our city could be proud of!

The Quaich Project was born. The logo, based on the traditional scottish sharing cup, not only mirrors the shape of the land itself but alludes to the proud national virtues of hospitality, welcoming and warmth. The new identity was brought to life in a range of executions; brand identity, tone of voice, brochures, event invitations and website to name a few. The most high-profile piece was perhaps the brand launch video, illustrated by local artist Kate McLelland and voiced by Jorah Mormont himself, Game of Thrones actor Iain Glen.


So far so good! We’re delighted that the project has been featured on the front page of national newspapers and a segment on the STV 6 o’clock news, each of which has been full of praise for the launch of the project and the eye-catching new design.

The animation we created has even been shared by famous Scots around the world including KT Tunstall and Alan Cumming to name drop a few.

We can’t wait to see where the Quaich Project goes from here!

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