After years of tram line construction and the additional upheaval caused by replacing antiquated gas mains, Edinburgh’s residents has stopped visiting the city centre in great numbers. Beating off competition from far larger agencies, The Lane were appointed by Marketing Edinburgh to create a campaign that would engage with residents and provoke reappraisal of all the fantastic things that the city centre has to offer.


Our This Is Edinburgh resident brand campaign uses a variety of media to achieve a number of set objectives. The creative work features a variety of established attractions as well as less known hidden gems. At all times we have been mindful of giving each district within the city centre a fair and equal share of voice and showing the wide variety of interesting and unusual destinations that are so prevalent in Scotland’s capital city.


Footfall within the city centre is significantly bucking the UK national average and retailers are experiencing increases in both sales and profitability. Usage of online social channels has been equally impressive during the first twelve months of the campaign with over 60.000 commercial views on YouTube, 36.000 followers on Twitter and 81.000 likes on Facebook. This is just the start however and over the next two years The Lane and Marketing Edinburgh are committed to ensuring the campaign delivers results that the entire city can be proud of.

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