The folk of Scotland weren’t aware of the scale of responsibility that Scottish SPCA have. From sealife to wildlife, farm life and bird life, they are Scotland’s only ALL animal rescue service. With RSPCA and RSPB often coming to mind first when someone comes across an emergency, an awareness campaign was needed.

On top of this, the cost-of-living crisis was threatening the charity’s already stretched resources, so there was an urgent need to maintain memberships and increase regular donation values, as well as attracting new members.
It was a difficult mission. But Lane chose to accept it.


Combining a brand awareness campaign with a fundraising campaign in the toughest of financial climates was the challenge. Our response started with redefining the brand. We worked with Scottish SPCA to rejuvenate their purpose, mission and proposition to better align with their role as an emergency service. The brand followed suit with a new tone of voice, refreshed look, a simple colour palette and a black and white emergency chevron device. At the same time, members became rescuers, positioning them in a more active role.

We produced a multi-channel campaign including TV, Direct Mail and Digital. By bringing the drama to the telly, we were able to capture the essence of the animal emergencies that happen every day across Scotland. Other platforms then allowed us to make the ask as straight forward as possible by highlighting urgency, the scale of what Scottish SPCA do and asking everyone to become an animal rescuer.


Mission accomplished. The dual-headed beast of a campaign delivered on both asks. Income attributed to the winter advertising campaign was up 214% YOY. But importantly, new members were up by 105% and average donation value increased from £7.33 to £9.05.

In addition, one-off responses increased by 35% and their average donation value increased from £36.32 to £40.10, as individuals responded to the urgency of an emergency-focussed appeal.

It was a win for the future of the charity and a win for ALL animals across Scotland.

That’s what happens when you back the right horse.

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