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Advertising strategy

The way we approach an advertising campaign is of course closely intertwined with the brand development strategy and we wouldn’t start work without first knowing everything about how and why you need to tell people about your product or service.

It’s so easy to skimp on the basics and get carried away with the exciting bits, but at The Lane we are big on nuts and bolts as well as bells and whistles.

Bottom line – advertising is about persuading people to choose your brand over someone else’s.

So our advertising strategy is simple in terms of steps, but layered with insight and in-tell through our brand development process.

Our basic steps, stripping away all the jargon, go like this:

  1. Establish why you need an advertising campaign. Answers could include: sell more stuff / get more customers / tell people something new.
  2. Together we write a ‘nail on the head’ brief (see above) and draw up effectiveness criteria.
  3. The Creative Ones come up with a Genius Idea.
  4. Combined Lane teams work out the best way to execute the Genius Idea (social, TV or radio, outdoor etc).
  5. The Lane Media team plan and buy the ad space.
  6. Day of Reckoning – evaluation and ROI measurement.


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