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Brand planning

Through the brand workshop process we get to the ideal starting point for an even more detailed review before moving onto the creative stages. It’s a bit like prepping your walls and woodwork before redecorating. The choosing of a colour scheme and actual painting only happens towards the end and is just one part of the story. Research and Planning is the all-important prepping stage of your brand journey.

  1. Analysis and Assessment

We’ll drill down into the existing brand (or new product), take apart its components, look closely at all the marketing collateral, unpack the key elements and distill everything into a handful of key pillars which will inform the creative stage.

  1. Market Planning

This is all about devising the tightest possible brief for our creative team, so our first concepts are often also the final concepts – in other words, they are right on the money. This saves a huge amount of time and ultimately your budget.

Once we’ve established your brand credentials – what it stands for, how it sounds, how it makes the user/buyer/client feel – we can take a wider look at the market as a whole and see where your brand could, and should, be sitting so it can offer a unique proposition to its current and potential audience.

  1. Creative Planning

Here our heavyweight brand team come into play: Ian Fletcher, George Shepherd and David Isaac are three of the most experienced and respected brand specialists around and their combined brain power, imaginative energy and general spot-on instincts around how to make a brand sing are well known in the industry.

You can expect visual concepts and genius ideas at this point in the process, all based around the in-tell and research that comes before. Because every stage bears equal weight in our modular approach.

  1. Tactical Planning

Tactical brand strategy is led by our two principal planning gurus, Ian Duncan, Digital Planning and Natalie Henderson, Channel Planning. Both massively experienced, they will put their targeting and technical heads together to make sure the brilliant creative concept produced in Step 3 actually gets seen, heard and engaged with. Because you can have the most thrilling idea in the world but it’s completely useless if no-one gets to know about it.

Only once these two have crunched the data, analysed the analytics and turned the research inside out will they produce the Brand Implementation Plan, a detailed, cost-estimated, time-scheduled, suited and booted operational strategy all ready for when you want to press GO.