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Tone of voice

Your tone of voice isn’t what you say but the way that you say it. It’s the language that you use, the way you construct your sentences (or posts), the sound of your words and the personality they convey. Your tone of voice is to writing what logo, colour and typeface are to branding.

And so, it follows that it’s right back at the building of your brand that we start to establish your tone of voice. Especially when you are a group of brands that have elements that are distinct (geography, structure, culture, pricing, quality) but real commonality too – your heritage, your quality, your values.

The Lane recommends our brand workshop process to support the organisation in really defining the components of the brand, the core proposition and a new or refined tone of voice going forward.

Why? Because actually, nailing your brand wheel and your tone of voice is as important to us as it is to you. Your brand wheel and your tone of voice underpin every creative and digital brief that enters our agency and leaves as a piece of work we’re proud of. Getting that right from the outset is key to ‘right first time’ creative work. It’s also a blueprint for your brand and sub-brands going forward.

A strong brand strategy raises the value of a brand/organisation and increases competitive barriers to entry – it’s very difficult to emulate the intangibles of brand preference.

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