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Understand the power of your brand strategy through our data informed Brand Audit framework.

Brand Effectiveness

Understand how an effective brand can help reach your organisational goals more efficiently.

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Identify new opportunities to help you reach more customers.

Actionable Insights

Gain actionable insights into how to improve your current brand identity.

The five phases of our brand audit framework

Our expert brand audit process involves five phases:

    • Objectives and measurement

    • Data gathering

    • Analysis of findings

    • Recommendations

    • Creating a plan


Setting clear brand audit objectives

At the start of each brand audit process, our team will discuss and agree the objectives and scope of the project. This is essential in ensuring accurate measurability throughout the entire process. We use measurable criteria to identify how best to assess performance. This helps us focus our efforts on integral strategies that are necessary for showcasing business growth through a successful brand audit strategy.

In order to ensure objectives are met we also evaluate your market research, data collection processes and set targets designed around key performance indicators (KPIs). By utilising these KPIs we can maintain trackable progress throughout all stages of the project whether that’s before, during or after any changes have been made – allowing us to measure success and the ROI from our efforts from start to finish.

Once clear objectives are established we will begin gathering data which includes reviewing existing collateral; analysing competitors; conducting internal & external focus groups; researching customer sentiment & awareness levels towards your product/service plus much more besides!

In doing so, we provide you with valuable insights into every aspect of your current branding – helping you refine & shape your positioning accurately as well as understand customer behaviour more precisely too!

Gathering brand information

When conducting a brand audit, the most important part of the process is understanding how your brand is perceived in the marketplace and by your customers. To do this, our team at Lane gathers data from a variety of sources. Depending on the project scope, this might include an in-depth review of existing branding collateral, competitor analysis to understand how rivals are positioning themselves & what key messages they’re promoting as well as researching customer sentiment/awareness towards your brand through interviewing internal stakeholders and market research into potential target audiences.

At Lane, we can also assess media performance levels – such as PR coverage, the effectiveness of paid campaigns & influencer collaborations – to better understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to communicating with consumers. We also look at audience behaviour so we can identify user personas more closely based on age; gender; location; interests & more which helps when devising strategies for reaching different types of customers.

By taking all this data onboard during a brand audit, it allows us to develop clearer insights into how best to maximise opportunities that are available for improving customer engagement with your business – paving the way for smarter marketing strategies going forward.

Analysing the findings of the brand audit

We believe that understanding the perception and positioning of your brand is key to successful marketing. After data gathering, our team reviews all the results from the brand audit to develop key Fame (recognition & impact), Fluency (relevance & consistency) & Feeling (emotional connection & experience) findings. This model is aligned with robust brand effectiveness measures.

From here, we can then start making recommendations to improve any areas falling short or enhance existing strengths even further – such as updating assets in line with new trends or introducing more targeted campaigns for specific customer groups. We also put a focus on ‘word choice’ – understanding how people talk about your business and products/services online and using this language within campaigns to help build trust in customers’ eyes.

Overall these findings give us a clear picture of where you currently stand as well as an informed plan as to how best to move forward – ensuring positive growth and recognition amongst consumers so that your business stands out from the competition.

The bottom line is creating a brand that makes it easier, quicker and more cost effective to reach its business and marketing objectives.

Making brand improvement recommendations 

At the end of a Brand Audit process, our team will present you with an initial report outlining findings and recommendations. This report will be based on data collected from all areas such as collateral review & competitor analysis, to focus groups and brand sentiment & awareness research. This comprehensive breakdown of information is then analysed and used to develop key Fame (recognition), Fluency (relevance) & Feeling (emotional connection) findings that can provide valuable clarity in terms of where your customer’s attention is currently focused.

Following this stage we’ll then move into the discussion phase – a time where we look at the outlined results to gain understanding on what they mean for your business, discuss any potential obstacles or opportunities going forward before finally preparing a final writeup report filled with clear, actionable recommendations so you know exactly what you need to do next!

Taking into account desired outcomes chosen pre-brand audit too – our aim is always to ensure you get maximum impact when it comes to leveraging our findings and creating successful brand strategies now, as well as for the future.

Questions we get asked about Brand Audits

What does a brand audit involve?

A brand audit is an assessment of every aspect related to your current branding – from collateral reviews & competitor analysis through to researching customer sentiment & awareness levels towards it.

Each audit is devised as a bespoke project based on the budget, scope and desired outcomes.

How does my business benefit from doing a brand audit?

An effective brand should help your business to achieve it’s objectives faster and more cost efficiently.

A successful brand audit can uncover vital new insights about your business’s identity which can then help inform marketing strategies going forward; enhance customer engagement; increase recognition in the marketplace; plus even help differentiate yourself against competitors too.

What areas do you cover during data collection?

During data collection, our team will work closely with you to understand the scope and desired outcomes of the project. We might decide to review all existing collateral, analyse competitor activity, conduct focus groups with internal & external stakeholders alike; assessing media performance; or look at audience behaviour.

How long does it take until I see results?

Depending on factors such as scope or complexity our team should deliver initial findings within 4-6 weeks followed by a full report within 8 weeks depending on the discussed timeline requirement at kick-off meeting stage.

What format will my results be made available in?

Our reports will be delivered electronically via PDF format following completion/approval stages.

How does the brand audit process work?

Once you’ve identified that you would like to conduct a brand audit, we would work closely with you and your team to outline the scope, the objectives and timeline. Although we follow a tried and tested process, each project is different. We’ll work with you to develop the project that’s right for your business.

How much does a brand audit process cost?

There’s not fixed cost for a brand audit, and will depend on the scope of the project. If you have a budget in mind, let us know and we can work with you on what will be delivered for within that budget.

How often should a brand audit be conducted?

A brand audit isn’t a time triggered project. There are a number of things that might trigger a brand audit, such as:

The stagnation of sales .

You might have seen sore product range sales volumes are decreasing, and the organisation wants to understand a broader picture of what’s happening before making decisions.

Shift in customer perception of the brand.

As society changes, what customers value changes, and what they’re willing to tolerate changes. Better understanding these shifts with a brand audit can help make better decisions.

Rising competition in the marketplace.

New entrants keep popping up everywhere, and you want to know how worried you should be, and how you can maintain or grow your position in the market.

Unclear impact of brand.

You have a feeling you have a strong brand, but you’re not sure the impact it has on the success of the organisation.

Change of guard.

Either a new CMO or new Board members who want to be confident they understand they lay of the land before making any big decisions.

How will your agency help us implement the recommendations resulting from the brand audit?

Our agency provides tailored support to help clients effectively implement brand audit recommendations, including strategic guidance, design updates, and messaging refinements. We collaborate closely with your team, offering ongoing consultation and expert insights to ensure a smooth execution and successful brand transformation.

What does a brand audit agency do?

A brand audit agency will help with evaluating and strengthening a company’s brand identity, messaging, and market positioning. By conducting a thorough analysis of both internal and external factors, the agency identifies inconsistencies, gaps, and opportunities for improvement. They gather insights from various sources, including customer feedback, competitive analysis, and digital presence, to provide actionable recommendations. The ultimate goal of working with a brand audit agency is to help businesses enhance their brand’s overall impact, build stronger connections with their target audience, and foster long-term growth and success.

What is branding versus brand design?

Branding is the strategic process of creating, defining, and managing a company’s unique identity, voice, and values in the market. It encompasses all aspects of how a brand is perceived and experienced, including messaging, tone, and customer interactions. Brand design, on the other hand, is the visual representation of a brand’s identity. It involves creating and implementing a consistent visual language, including elements such as logos, typography, color palettes, and imagery. While branding focuses on the holistic approach to shaping a brand’s perception, brand design specifically targets the visual components that convey and reinforce the brand’s essence.

A brand audit will deep dive into both branding and brand design.

If you’re looking to hire a brand audit agency, get in touch today to find out how we can help put your brand on a more effective path.

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