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Content strategy

The Lane is one of the few agencies which offers the lot: great copy, award-winning design, expertly produced video and our 8 step implementation process for an unrivalled all round Content package.

Our Content Process

  1. Search traffic research

By analysing the traffic going to your site and those of your competitors we can find out what subjects your target audience are interested in and looking for.

  1. SEO assessment

We look at the various topics we’ve identified in Step 1 and see how they rate and rank on search engines. This narrows the content theme down nicely.

  1. Social media research

So now we’ve settled on the best topic but where/how can we ensure the most impact? Which platforms are you present on? Which should you be on? Time for some more research and the creative briefing.

  1. Formats agreed

We want that content to be as elastic and flexible as possible. It’s your investment so let’s look at judicious repackaging: audio becomes copy, video turns into a podcast, research is reimagined as an infographic. A blog, crafted right, can become an entire suite of assets.

  1. Social amplification

We believe it’s worth getting influencers involved from the start – they are much more likely to share and endorse if they have a tangible connection with your content from the get-go.

  1. PR activity

It’s easy to forget about good old PR but this is still a key part of getting your story out there. We look to build in a compelling media hook: a research findings reveal; building on an existing news story or providing an industry thought leadership position.

  1. Maintain and update

Quality content can endure into the medium and even long term if it’s properly looked after. We’ll monitor its performance and look at ways of keeping it fresh, by updating then re-publishing and sharing anew.

  1. Creativity is king

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, research and all the social know-how will only get you so far in content marketing. In the end, it’s the clever idea or tapping into what people genuinely what to know about that will make this process work

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