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At Lane our talented team of specialists deliver multiple services from brand proposition to performance marketing.

Introducing InsideLane

Like creative and media talent scouts, we’re hunting for the next Creative Cristiano and Media Messi. Our two week bursts of work experience will give you the opportunity to work on projects we’ve been set, live briefs and Lane marketing tasks to give you a real flavour of agency life. In addition you’ll have access to our experienced Laners for advice and support with your portfolio and contacts in the industry.

The very best ‘Insiders’ will be invited back into the agency over the summer for a longer internship, and who knows, someone could become a Super Laner for real.

Internship length

Initially a 2 week paid internship (hours negotiable depending on your other commitments)


Applications have now closed for 2024, keep an eye on our socials for the next application dates.

Our values

We’re known and awarded for our integrity, creativity, experience, and effectiveness. Our steady organic growth to an agency of almost 40 employees has been made possible through growing brands that punch above their weight and a team that does the same.


We’re team first every time. There’s no ‘I’ in here. Our culture, training, structure and workload is tailored around individual strengths.


Bring your a-game every day. Laners don’t shy away from getting stuck in. We celebrate our personalities and talents loud and proud.


Honesty is our policy. Be true to you and us. Everyone is happiest when they can be themselves. Our roles are moulded to nurture what you’re best at.


Deliver. Even when it’s hard. Our founders and many of our clients are entrepreneurs. That’s why we encourage bold, brave decisions with the drive to match.