Our Rainbow Campaign: A full colour ‘Thank you’!

Ali Findlay • 29th Apr 2020

It’s not only our bread and butter, but, in times like these we’ve learnt that it’s something to lean in to in order to spread a bit of much-needed positivity. As we keep hearing, ‘We’re all in this together’ – a phrase that’s only become so familiar over the last few weeks because of how true it is. So we’ve been thinking hard about how we could use our talents and network to spread positivity in a genuinely meaningful way.

We’re lucky enough to be part of a fantastic community of creative folk (both within The Lane and amongst our network of freelancers) – and we also work with some fantastic organisations in the world of advertising media. Organisations such as Ocean Outdoor. So with our aim to spread a little hope, joy and gratitude (The Lane way), we’ve teamed up with all of the above to sound out a big, bold, brilliant cheer to each and every one of our key workers.

We reached out to our community of creatives to provide a simple ‘rainbow’ execution – an illustration, an animation, a 3D render, a painting, sketch, scamp, drawing – that would then be displayed on sites around the UK, graciously donated by the good people at Ocean Outdoor! Like us, everyone involved in this has felt the economic impact of the current crisis, and really just want to use their talents to do anything that helps. Even if that is just raising a smile, or a positive reaction during a tough time. Needless to say, you won’t see any logos (especially ours) on the work that goes up.

Not only is the idea to spark a positive emotional response amongst those who come across the work either in real life or on our gallery, but it’s also a show of solidarity with the incredible individuals that make up our creative community. Friends and acquaintances of the Lane will no doubt recognise a few of the names amongst our contributors!

Be sure to keep an eye on our social channels to see the full spectrum (pun intended) of work that’ll be raising smiles and spirits right the way across the UK. Oh, and if you’re a visual creative, why not give thanks and show off your talents by submitting your own piece.

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