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Brand workshops

The Lane’s brand workshop is the starting point for most of our projects and that’s because we believe that investing in a stakeholder workshop at the outset delivers the best possible work thereafter. It ensures that every creative brief is built on a thorough understanding of the organisation’s values, target audiences, objectives, brand positioning and identifies the outcomes we intend to measure to validate success.

Our workshops include a thorough review of the brand values, brand personality, benefits and substantiates, challenges and targets. Outputs include a distilled proposition, brand essence, agreed positioning and a tone of voice which naturally speaks for each sub-brand.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the outputs of a brand workshop, read our in-depth guide to brand wheels.

For some clients we hold a series of workshops with different stakeholder groups, for others one workshop is held with a diagonal slice of the organisation from managing director to team members. Other workshops include marketing stakeholder workshops, user persona workshops for digital briefs, and creative briefing workshops.

Our marketing stakeholder workshop is conducted generally just with the marketing team, with perhaps a representative from sales. Here we review our core target audience personas including B2B audiences and B2C audiences. We think about their needs, pains, behaviours and journeys and produce a set of user personas for both teams to work with in ongoing marketing.

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