Borders Railway will be the UK’s longest new domestic rail line in over 100 years. Marketing Edinburgh acts as the umbrella body representing City of Edinburgh, Midlothian and the Scottish Borders Local authorities. Their remit is to leverage tourism opportunities and open up communities as places to visit, live, work, learn, play and grow. The Lane Agency won the brief to produce a train-wrap design with a five-year life span.


The Lane’s answer was to create an artwork on wheels, brought to life by Edinburgh illustrator Will Beeslar. The agency researched the key features served by the Border Railway, which Will then incorporated into a three carriage long ‘travelling mural’. From Edinburgh Zoo’s pandas to Rosslyn Chapel to the stunning scenery of the Scottish Borders, the wrap inspires smiles and social media responses in equal amounts.


On a project like this, impact can only be measured by the enthusiasm of the public for the work. Judging from the initial buzz created on social media and in the press the art on wheels project has met with universal approval. A colourful and playful celebration of all that is great about the Borders Railway area, it’s resulted in priceless column inches of positive PR.

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