Graham’s The Family Dairy operates in a tough FMCG market, because milk, cream and butter are essentially commodities. All the more reason then, why a strong brand positioning is crucial to achieve stand out in a crowded sector. By harnessing integrity as a cornerstone of the Graham’s family story, we set about developing a truly integrated campaign.


Integrity and the importance of genuine family values runs seamlessly throughout this campaign. Whether the messaging appeared via TV advertising, on pack, sales promotion, in PR and increasingly online, The Lane were a central part of the strategic team that the entire brand narrative ensured could be traced back to this highly laudable aim.


Between 2013 and 2014 Graham’s The Family Dairy achieved growth of 25% and with sales of £85m overtook historic rivals Wiseman Muller to become the 7th largest non-alcoholic take home brand in Scotland. The Lane’s campaign was recognised at the 2015 Scottish Marketing Society Star Awards winning the Gold Award for Integrated Marketing.

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