We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Scottish Opera for over 5 years, bringing their awe-inspiring performances to captivated audiences. Our shared passion for the arts has enabled us to create incredible campaigns that leave a lasting impression.

Although the challenges posed by the pandemic were significant, we remained determined to help Scottish Opera regain their place in the spotlight and entertain audiences once again. As the world began to open up, we’ve risen to the challenge of utilising both above the line and digital media channels to reach both loyal fans and new audiences alike.


Scottish Opera’s mission is to entertain, inspire, surprise, educate, challenge, and delight audiences old and new by delivering high quality, powerful opera throughout Scotland, the rest of the UK, and internationally. To help achieve this, Lane Media wanted to build brand awareness and boost visibility for Scottish Opera with a multi-faceted approach across both digital and traditional media channels.

Lane Media have used Google Ad Grants to develop insights into audiences through postcode data analysis by connecting audience segments actively searching for shows, activities, and events in their area, bringing Scottish Opera to the forefront of their minds and connecting them with the perfect performance.

We also utilised Paid Social to engage a local and relevant audience across popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. With targeted messaging and creative content, we ignited interest and excitement around upcoming shows and events, reaching audiences where they were most active.

But we didn’t stop there. We recognised the importance of context when it comes to effective advertising, which is why we also employed contextual placements on display channels. We were able to capture the attention of potential customers and connect them with Scottish Opera in a meaningful and relevant way.

In addition, our use of above the line media complemented this strategy, further amplifying Scottish Opera’s message and increasing their overall reach. By leveraging traditional media channels such as radio, and outdoor advertising, we were able to reach a wider audience who may not have been actively searching for shows or events.

Through this holistic approach, we were able to help Scottish Opera build a strong brand that resonates with audiences far and wide. From media placements to the stage, Scottish Opera’s message is heard loud and clear, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who experienced it.


Our top priority was to bring Scottish Opera’s brand back into centre stage and generate widespread awareness within our target audience. With a strategic approach, we were able to achieve this goal and make a significant impact.

One of our most successful tactics was utilising paid social media to connect with audiences in a meaningful way. Our efforts paid off, as we were able to engage over 600,000 users last year, with an impressive engagement rate of almost 40%.

Furthermore, we recognized the value of using Google Ad Grants to support our efforts, and the results were astounding. In the first half of last year, our Ad Grrant account delivered an impressive average click-through rate (CTR) of 16.65%, representing a 33% increase from the previous year. By targeting relevant keywords and audiences, we were able to connect with users who were most likely to be interested in Scottish Opera and drive traffic to their website.

Overall, our strategic approach to brand awareness and engagement helped us to exceed our goals and create a meaningful impact with both familiar audiences and opera novices.

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