Thales is a global leader in advanced technologies within three domains: Defence & Security, Aeronautics & Space, and Digital Identity & Security. It develops products and solutions that help make the world safer, greener and more inclusive. The Group invests close to €4 billion a year in Research & Development, particularly in key areas such as quantum technologies, Edge computing, 6G and cybersecurity. Thales has 81,00employees in 68 countries. In 2023, the Group generated sales of €18.4 billion.

The Group is investing in digital and “deep tech” innovations – Big Data, artificial intelligence, connectivity, cybersecurity, and quantum technology – to build a future we can all trust.

As a global leader in cybersecurity, Thales safeguards sensitive data, identities, applications, and software for the most trusted brands in the world. Through advanced encryption, identity access management, application security, and software entitlement, Thales secures cloud environments, defends against cyber threats, ensures compliance, and enables trusted digital experiences.

Thales required a media partner they could trust, and one who was able to understand their range of complex, global B2B markets and diversify media activity to enter new territories and meet demand across all. Enter Lane Media.


Having initially engaged on a single demand generation (‘demand gen’) project basis the Thales’ media activity soon broadened to be ‘always on’ with more than 20 campaigns structured across key verticals with solutions-focussed activity primarily still across demand-gen but also including roundtables, advertorials, podcast, webinars, PPC, LinkedIn, out-of-home (OOH) and live events.

A focus has been proximity OOH support at both internal and external events such as taking over Marylebone Tower on the day of Thales SKO (‘Sales Kick Off’). The landmark Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit was a key focus wherein tactical, cost-efficient activity for this two-day event saw the majority of attendees travel through North Greenwich tube station and view our digital six-sheets. Those travelling by other means were targeted with taxi activity including full livery plus tip-up seats. A cost-effective campaign was created, avoiding the premium pricing, and information overload, within the event itself in favour of our ‘media mirage’ surrounding the event and reaching our target audience at a fraction of the price.


As well as supporting Thales with upper funnel brand awareness activity our digital campaigns have driven lower funnel results with over 3,000 attributable new leads delivered on an annual basis. The Thales and Lane Media partnership continues to go from strength to strength with activity across the world including Washington, San Francisco, Las Vegas, London and Berlin.

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