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Our Favourite Adverts of All Time!

We make content that connects brands to audiences. We can talk to you about it in quite academic or scientific terms. However, we're not just advertising professionals, we're also people. That means we've got our own favourite adverts too. Some of them are silly, some of them are moving, all of them are impactful. We've put together this list of our favourite adverts of all time. Are your favourites on it?

Teddy Craig • 5th Apr 2017

Our Top Marketing, Advertising and Creative Social Media Accounts to Follow!

Marketing is an ever-evolving beast so keeping up-to-date with the latest news, developments and opinion can sometimes be difficult even for professionals. That’s why we've asked our team at The Lane to share their top go-to accounts for inspiration or even just light relief.

Teddy Craig • 30th Mar 2017

If The Lane did Pancake Day for your brand…

Pancake Day is coming up and the internet will be abuzz with ads, tweets, memes and more all trying to leverage carbohydrate’s favourite day. At The Lane, it’s very easy for us to say that if we were handling your account we’d do something that would make you stand out. The thing is, we’re creatives. That’s why we’ve decided to show you and not just tell you.

Teddy Craig • 23rd Feb 2017

Content Strategy: 7 Reasons why you clicked on this article

How important is the way in which content is structured when it comes to generating your desired effect? The Lane Agency's own Mystic Meg-alike, Teddy Craig, brings you the 7 reasons why you clicked on this article. Is he right? Find out whether his psychic-inspired exploration of content strategy resonates with you.

Teddy Craig • 22nd Nov 2016

What some social media professionals don't want you to know

You should always feel in safe hands when you're working with an agency; that means working with a team that can explain things simply to you. The Lane Agency's Community Manager, Teddy Craig, guides you through what social media actually is and why you shouldn't feel out of your depth when discussing it.

Teddy Craig • 21st Nov 2016

Effectiveness? Learn from the worst.

We're used to hearing the phrase "learn from the best" but The Lane's Teddy Craig has decided it's time to learn from the worst. Read his blog post to find out why it's not as crazy an idea as it first seems.

Teddy Craig • 17th Nov 2016

Content Marketing: How to produce the best performing content.

We all hear a lot about Content Marketing, but how can you ensure your content actually has a chance of being seen and of making an impact on your target audience? Our Community Manager, Teddy Craig, brings you his guide.

Teddy Craig • 16th Nov 2016

Channels v Ideas

Which is more important - the original idea or the channel it's published on? The Lane Agency's community manager, Teddy Craig, has worked across numerous media channels and knows which side of the debate he's on.

Teddy Craig • 20th Nov 2015