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Is an agency a proper grown up agency once it’s appointed to the Scottish Government framework?

We're excited to announce our appointment to the Scottish Government Creative Framework. Find out more about what that means to our business.

Ali Findlay • 30th Sep 2022

A taste for success – moving from niche to big time

So you’ve created a premium niche product and it’s doing well. Maybe you’ve even garnered a Great Taste Award and a loyal but small-scale online following.  Business is flourishing and things are looking good. Then, wait, WHAT? You spot an uncannily similar protein bar / kimchi jar / gluten-free pizza mix – whatever, sitting on the very shelves of the supermarket you’ve been busting a gut to get in front of. Or worse, that same retailer brings out a near identical own label version of your precious product.

Ali Findlay • 21st Feb 2022

Why a little love goes a long way in client and agency relationships

Just before the Covid pandemic struck, The Lane celebrated its 10th birthday. Predictably, the most common questions we get asked after a decade of business are along the lines of, “What’s changed over the years? How are things different from the early days?” It’s actually a really easy one to answer – we grew up. […]

Ali Findlay • 19th Jan 2022

Our Rainbow Campaign: A full colour ‘Thank you’!

We’ll always be big believers in the power of advertising and creativity.

Ali Findlay • 29th Apr 2020

10 Lessons Learned

We’re still getting used to entering our second decade! Check out our latest blog on the topic. Complete with more wisdom than you can shake an inspirational quote at.

Ali Findlay • 19th Jun 2019

Game-changing businesses of the last 10 years

The latest blog article in our ‘10th Birthday’ series… A few of our favourite businesses that have defined the last decade.

Ali Findlay • 26th Mar 2019

How does working from home really work?

4 million Britons do it.  But are we doing it right?

Ali Findlay • 5th Sep 2018

The 10 Commandments of The Lane

Follow these and, lo, it shall be good.

Ali Findlay • 30th Aug 2018

10 Tips for Surviving Agency Life

Our take on what makes for a long, happy, productive career working in an agency.

Ali Findlay • 22nd Aug 2018

Ten Years of The Lane: How it all began

Looking ba-a-ck, ov-er my shoulder

Ali Findlay • 16th Aug 2018

Retainers and why they add up for both clients and agencies.

This month our blog’s all about retainers and why they make us smile (and we don’t mean the kind that straighten your teeth).

Ali Findlay • 9th Aug 2018

Intra… Entre… Read all about it!

If you’ve ever seen one of our job ads, you might have noticed that we’re often on the lookout for people with that intangible entrepreneurial x-factor. To us it means lots of things; commitment, extra-mile-ing, passion and drive. So naturally, my interest was piqued by this recent emergence of the term ‘intrapreneur’. What could we be missing out on? As luck would have it, the topic was hotly debated at a lively dinner that I recently attended with (how appropriate!) Entrepreneurial Scotland.

Ali Findlay • 27th Oct 2017

Award Nominations and the #feelgoodfactor

It's been another rewarding week at The Lane Agency as The Scottish Creative Awards announce their 2015 nominations and we’ve received a very flattering nine nominations across a variety of projects and clients. "... awards are of most value when they sustain the industry's feelgood factor and internal morale."

Ali Findlay • 4th Sep 2015

Starry Night

The ‪#‎Laners‬ may have sore feet, but we have happy faces - a motivational night at the Marketing Society Scotland Star Awards recognising industry excellence last night. Very happy with our lot!

Ali Findlay • 19th Jun 2015

Pitch Perfect Etiquette

If you were a betting man or woman, would you spend £15 trying to win £50 in a game where the odds were 4 to 1? Chances are, probably not. But that’s what agencies do every week; they spend time and money equating to up to maybe 30% of the potential value of pitch. And up to five other agencies are probably doing exactly the same

Ali Findlay • 18th May 2015

Guilty as charged. Stargazing

I’ll admit that I had to be fully convinced of the value of entering awards – it takes a lot of time to put them together, matching criteria and creating the entries. Then a wise industry owl pointed out how motivational a shortlisting can be to colleagues and clients alike, so we took the plunge and selected the Marketing Society Scotland Star Awards as these are about effectiveness, something I am happy to get excited about.

Ali Findlay • 19th Apr 2015

An Artistic Adventure

Days at The Lane Agency are always interesting, but there are days when you feel truly blessed to be in jobs you love working alongside an amazing team of brilliant #Laners, with some great clients enabling you to do great work.Today was one of those great days. Our client, Marketing Edinburgh, project managed the development a project we have been so thrilled to be a part of. Bringing together a diverse team of stakeholders, they appointed us to create a train wrap which brought to life the Edinburgh to the Borders journey at what is undoubtedly Scotland’s most exciting rail project in over a century.

Ali Findlay • 17th Mar 2015