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The Lane Agency • 17th Oct 2022

Provisioned with lime (and a good time)

Recently, a bunch of parched Laners ventured down to 24 Coburg Street in Leith to visit our client Lind & Lime’s new home. We were being treated to sneak peak of their distillery tour experience as well as helping create some content. Drinks marketing To build excitement around the tour launch, the team at Lane […]

The Lane Agency • 13th Jun 2022

All grown up and back for more – my experience of returning to be a #Laner again

Seven years ago, in my third year at Stirling University, I interned at The Lane Agency for 3 months over the summer. Since then, I’ve made it one of my career missions to work somewhere just like The Lane. Fast forward to 2022 – I’m back, all grown up (kind of) and ready to sink […]

The Lane Agency • 18th Mar 2022