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What’s the crucial ingredient emerging food brands can’t afford to ignore?

So you’ve created a premium niche product and it’s doing well. Maybe you’ve even garnered a Great Taste Award and a loyal but small-scale online following.  Business is flourishing and things are looking good. Then, wait, WHAT? You spot an uncannily similar protein bar / kimchi jar / gluten-free pizza mix – whatever, sitting on the very shelves of the supermarket you’ve been busting a gut to get in front of. Or worse, that same retailer brings out a near identical own label version of your precious product.

Natalie Henderson • 3rd Feb 2022

The ever growing flexibility of digital outdoor advertising

Lane Media's Senior Planner, Natalie Henderson, brings you her take on the current advance and future potential of digital outdoor advertising.

Natalie Henderson • 26th Apr 2017