Media diet: are you reading your greens?

14th Sep 2021 - BY Sallie Bale

What's your media diet? You know the phrase you are what you eat? What about the idea that you are average of the five people you spend most of your time with? Well the same goes for what you read, watch and listen to.

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Oceans 10 (million)

19th May 2020 - BY Barry Fearn

Somewhere, over the rainbow, we will enter bounce-back territory.

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Our Rainbow Campaign: A full colour ‘Thank you’!

29th Apr 2020 - BY Ali Findlay

We’ll always be big believers in the power of advertising and creativity.

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Tools for the new normal

12th Apr 2020 - BY Ian Duncan

Here at the Lane we’ve embraced the switch from office-based working to fully remote. New tools and adaptations to our processes are ensuring that we continue to provide our clients with the creative and media support they need. Here’s what we’re currently using.

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Something’s just not clicking: Google’s recent search result saga

12th Feb 2020 - BY Will Campbell

If you’re one of the many who turn to Google when you need to know something/buy something/find out if you’re going to make it in time to pick up dinner before the supermarket closes… you may have noticed that their search results page has been switched about a bit recently.

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The Apprentice

9th Jan 2020 - BY Jessica Hoggarth

No cringey tasks, no stuffy boardrooms, and absolutely no inflated egos. Just good honest work. Read all about Jessica Hoggarth’s experience as our apprentice. You’re hired! An apprentice’s experience at The Lane Agency and Lane Media

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Always on, birthdays off. Sushi Sharing Idea Guardians – join the #Laners as our new Account Manager

7th Jan 2020 - BY Chris Bruce

We're hiring! If you thrive on delivering excellence and innovation against pressing deadlines, managing creatives, developers and clients with professionalism and panache in equal measure, then you could be for us.

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Songs to fall asleep to, and a worthwhile cause to donate to

4th Dec 2019 - BY Jessica Hoggarth

This Saturday, December 7th, many of us are taking part in The World’s Big Sleep Out organised by Social Bite. We will be facing the bitter cold and harsh Scottish weather conditions in Princes Street Gardens, thankful that for us it’s one night and never forgetting that for some this one night is every night.    We’ve all been working hard to raise funds to help fight homelessness, it’s not too late to donate, if you’d like to then please do so via Natalie’s page here.   To help our Laners doze off on the night, we have asked everyone to pick their favourite song to fall asleep to with a quick explanation for their choice …

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Forget Black Friday, it's all about Singles' Day

12th Nov 2019 - BY Kat Stark

Singles' Day is the biggest day in the global e-commerce calendar, but will it see the same success amongst a UK audience?

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Women supporting women: WACL Gather Scotland conference

7th Oct 2019 - BY Sallie Bale

Sallie Bale gives us an insight into her inspirational day at WACL Gather and a pertinent reminder to be the change you want to see.

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A Day in the Life of the SSPCA

23rd Jul 2019 - BY Alice Mitchell

Alice Mitchell joins the Scottish SPCA at the coalface of what they do... and finds that it's a job that's as much about people as it is animals.

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Going Exploring: Instagram’s New Paid Feature

11th Jul 2019 - BY Liam Hall

A whole new direction for paid media has just arrived on your favourite app for sharing pics and videos of your holiday/baby/night out/cute pets.

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The Sound of Silence

28th Jun 2019 - BY Paul Borthwick

Our man at the business development coalface, Paul Borthwick, talks professional curiosity and learning when to walk away. Oh, and of course, Love Island.

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The Battle of the Biases: TEDxGlasgow

28th Jun 2019 - BY Sallie Bale

Sallie Bale goes west for TEDxGlasgow, and returns with some mind-expanding ideas.

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Let's Talk Tropes : Improving Our Approach to Gender in Advertising

25th Jun 2019 - BY Sallie Bale

Account Director Sallie Bale has some wise words for those parts of the ad industry that are still stuck in the 40’s.

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10 Pride campaigns worth talking about

21st Jun 2019 - BY The Lane Agency

Rainbow… er… everything at the ready. Here’s a little look at how some brands are getting in the spirit of #Pride2019 and helping make real, positive changes.  

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10 Lessons Learned

19th Jun 2019 - BY Ali Findlay

We’re still getting used to entering our second decade! Check out our latest blog on the topic. Complete with more wisdom than you can shake an inspirational quote at.

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Who's the daddy? Our top 10 Father's Day ads…

14th Jun 2019 - BY The Lane Agency

From dad bods to pizza in bed here's a top ten of our favourite Father's Day ads. #Dadvertising

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Creative Zen: How I learnt to embrace silence

24th May 2019 - BY Ollie Cunningham

How setting aside thinking time has made me a better designer.

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Paws for Thought: Our latest work with Scottish SPCA

16th May 2019 - BY The Lane Agency

We’re delighted to be working with Scottish SPCA on a whole host of upcoming projects promoting the vital work they do. Here’s how it came about.

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Checkout on Instagram: the end of the humble blogger?

8th May 2019 - BY Kat Stark

Our Media Executive Kat Stark gives her take on Instagram's latest feature for advertisers and what this means for brands.

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Creating a Space for All in the Heart of Edinburgh

5th Apr 2019 - BY Ryan Barmanroy

How we're helping to transform one of Scotland's most iconic spaces.

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Game-changing businesses of the last 10 years

26th Mar 2019 - BY Ali Findlay

The latest blog article in our ‘10th Birthday’ series… A few of our favourite businesses that have defined the last decade.

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'Video To Go' with Facebook: Creating thumb-stopping creative

21st Dec 2018 - BY Kat Stark

Aaand… action! Digital Media Executive Kat Stark visited Facebook to get their take on the future of video for advertisers. Here’s what happened.

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Why Going ‘Back to Work’ Isn’t a Bad Thing

13th Nov 2018 - BY Trine Paterson

Our Traffic/Office Manager Trine Paterson on why going back to a previous employer gets a green light from her. 

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Twitter: Look at this, not at me.

12th Nov 2018 - BY Ria Dunlop

Choosing between a croissant and a pain au chocolat is never easy – but the decision to attend the Twitter agency breakfast (the source of this pastry-based dilemma) to hear about the future of the platform was a no-brainer.

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Intrapreneurship (fuelled by pizza and beer) at the inaugural #LaneLab

15th Oct 2018 - BY Ryan Barmanroy

Taking time out for an ideation session sounds a bit 'agency blah' but actually delivered far more than we hoped. 

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Intern Life

12th Oct 2018 - BY Beth McCreadie

Straight Outta Stirling II: The Sequel

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Our client services dept is hiring

5th Oct 2018 - BY Chris Bruce

Calling all client-servicing, smooth-talking, go-getting team players.

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How does working from home really work?

5th Sep 2018 - BY Ali Findlay

4 million Britons do it.  But are we doing it right?

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The 10 Commandments of The Lane

30th Aug 2018 - BY Ali Findlay

Follow these and, lo, it shall be good.

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10 Tips for Surviving Agency Life

22nd Aug 2018 - BY Ali Findlay

Our take on what makes for a long, happy, productive career working in an agency.

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Ten Years of The Lane: How it all began

16th Aug 2018 - BY Ali Findlay

Looking ba-a-ck, ov-er my shoulder

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Retainers and why they add up for both clients and agencies.

9th Aug 2018 - BY Ali Findlay

This month our blog’s all about retainers and why they make us smile (and we don’t mean the kind that straighten your teeth).

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Seeing it from both sides: How agencies and clients can sleep better at night.

19th Jul 2018 - BY Chris Bruce

Sleep is overrated, right? Our Client Services Director, Chris, shares his thoughts on sleep deprivation and how it has made him think about the client - agency relationship.

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Junior Designer Wanted

9th Jul 2018 - BY Ollie Cunningham

We’re looking for a junior designer with a love of lightbulb moments to join our crew. Fancy it?

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Hello junior developers! Fancy working with us?

6th Apr 2018 - BY Rob Schmitt

So you’re a budding junior full stack web developer and you’re looking for a short or medium term contact? And ideally that place would be an award winning digital marketing agency? 

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Straight Outta Stirling

9th Jan 2018 - BY Kat Stark

My last 6 months have been pretty eventful to say the least. In June I started my internship with The Lane as a Digital Media Executive. Having only graduated from Stirling Uni at the end of the last academic year, it’s safe to say that my world’s changed pretty significantly!

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Creative media: Why we love it when a plan comes together

7th Nov 2017 - BY Barry Fearn

Are you familiar with the works of a chap by the name of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry? A French national, Antoine had more than a few strings to his bow. In his 44 years he covered just a few different disciplines; a writer, poet, aristocrat, journalist and (of course) pioneering aviator. So there’s a good amount of gravitas behind his well known quote that goes; ‘a goal without a plan is just a wish.’ After all, being such an accomplished individual, he should know.

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Intra… Entre… Read all about it!

27th Oct 2017 - BY Ali Findlay

If you’ve ever seen one of our job ads, you might have noticed that we’re often on the lookout for people with that intangible entrepreneurial x-factor. To us it means lots of things; commitment, extra-mile-ing, passion and drive. So naturally, my interest was piqued by this recent emergence of the term ‘intrapreneur’. What could we be missing out on? As luck would have it, the topic was hotly debated at a lively dinner that I recently attended with (how appropriate!) Entrepreneurial Scotland.

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