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A Journey of Growth: My Experience at Lane Media

Stepping into the world of Lane Media was like embarking on a thrilling adventure. In this blog, I'll share my experiences and the valuable lessons I've learned thus far at Lane Media.

Jamie Whitefield • 8th Sep 2023

Brand Distinctiveness: From Differentiation to Memorable Marketing

In the crowded marketplace of today, brand distinctiveness has emerged as a critical factor in capturing the attention of consumers. It's no longer enough to simply differentiate your brand from others; you must create a brand that is instantly recognisable and memorable.

Sallie Bale • 20th Jun 2023

brand distinctiveness article title image

Brand Positioning: Going from Good to Unforgettable

Setting your brand apart from the competition and creating a lasting impression in the minds of consumers is no easy feat: that's where brand positioning comes into play.

Sallie Bale • 29th May 2023

Paid Search Pros Wanted: Lane Media is Hiring

We're hiring! Join the #Laners

Liam Hall • 20th Apr 2023

paid search executive

Broad Match, Slim Results: Why Keyword Caution Leads to Paid Search Success

Paid Search is a wonderful thing. How keywords with a mix of broad and specific search terms find the optimal traffic for your budget and the strongest possible results.

Nick McAlpine • 20th Apr 2023

What is a brand purpose statement?

How to develop your brand purpose and write your brand purpose statement.

Sallie Bale • 27th Mar 2023

This is the header image for a guide to developing a brand purpose statement.

Understanding ROAS and How to Calculate It with a Free Calculator

In this blog, we’ll explore what ROAS is, why it’s important, and how you can calculate it using our free calculator.

Liam Hall • 27th Mar 2023

ROAS Calculator

How to Audit Your Brand: the five step guide

Unlock the secret to brand success and map your journey to growth with our expert guide to brand audits. Learn how to conduct a brand audit today.

Sallie Bale • 6th Mar 2023

header image for blog How to Conduct a Brand Audit

Maximise Your Performance Media with LTV-based ROAS & Learn How to Calculate It

Performance marketing is a cost-effective way of acquiring customers and growing revenue, but to truly maximise its potential, marketers must understand the importance of ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), LTV (Customer Lifetime Value), and the heavyweight champion, LTV-based ROAS.

Liam Hall • 21st Feb 2023

Brand Wheel: the Definitive Guide

What is a brand wheel? Why do you need one? How do you make one? When do you use one? All your questions, answered here.

Sallie Bale • 15th Feb 2023

Brand wheel guide header image

TikTok: A Cost-Effective Advertising Solution

TikTok, the new kid on the block, is quickly catching up to its older social media counterparts. We'll explore how TikTok has become such a popular platform among youth and why advertisers should consider using the platform if they want to gain a competitive edge.

Liam Hall • 3rd Feb 2023

How strong is your employer brand proposition?

This guide will provide you with valuable insights to help you craft an unbeatable employer brand proposition statement.

Sallie Bale • 22nd Jan 2023

Image for a blog header about developing an employer brand proposition statement

Could Performance Media be the key to your future success?

If you sell a product or service online the chances are you could benefit from a Performance Marketing strategy. Discover what this is and what it can do for you.

Nick McAlpine • 10th Jan 2023

E-commerce: Top tips for turbulent times

It’s been a challenging year for the retail industry so we are sharing our learnings for this most important (and wonderful) time of the year.

Liam Hall • 2nd Dec 2022

How to Conduct a Brand Analysis?

Brand analysis is a key tool in a marketer's brand growth toolbox. Discover the key stages, objectives, and different models.

Sallie Bale • 12th Nov 2022

What is brand analysis

Trending through time: 20 years of Google-ing

What were you doing in 2002? Discover 20 years of Google's top trending searches.

Vicky Anderson • 11th Nov 2022

Marketing – the bridge inspired leaders choose to travel over troubled waters.

How to use marketing and advertising to your advantage during economic decline. And you don’t have to be big to be clever.

The Lane Agency • 17th Oct 2022

What is a Brand Essence?

Have you ever thought about what makes your favorite brands memorable and recognisable? The answer lies in their brand essence. Sitting at the centre of the brand essence wheel, a brand’s essence is like a signature dish – distinctive, engaging and unforgettable. As an internal tool, a brand’s essence helps the marketing team maintain consistency […]

Sallie Bale • 12th Oct 2022

Is an agency a proper grown up agency once it’s appointed to the Scottish Government framework?

We're excited to announce our appointment to the Scottish Government Creative Framework. Find out more about what that means to our business.

Ali Findlay • 30th Sep 2022

Flushed with Success: lifting the lid on menopause in the workplace

Here in the UK our workforce is about 30% women over 50. And many of them will be going through the menopause. So why don’t we talk about it? Last week The Lane Agency and NewsScotland hosted an event, Flushed With Success, to encourage open and honest conversation and create a positive language around making the working world a better place for women during this life stage.

Sallie Bale • 26th Sep 2022

5 Phase Brand Audit Framework

Discover the 5 phases of our brand audit framework and how we use Fame, Fluency, and Feeling to grow your brand. Learn more about our brand audit phases now.

Sallie Bale • 13th Sep 2022

Wellies and watering can representing brand growth as a result of the brand audit

Provisioned with lime (and a good time)

Recently, a bunch of parched Laners ventured down to 24 Coburg Street in Leith to visit our client Lind & Lime’s new home. We were being treated to sneak peak of their distillery tour experience as well as helping create some content. Drinks marketing To build excitement around the tour launch, the team at Lane […]

The Lane Agency • 13th Jun 2022

All grown up and back for more – my experience of returning to be a #Laner again

Seven years ago, in my third year at Stirling University, I interned at The Lane Agency for 3 months over the summer. Since then, I’ve made it one of my career missions to work somewhere just like The Lane. Fast forward to 2022 – I’m back, all grown up (kind of) and ready to sink […]

The Lane Agency • 18th Mar 2022

A taste for success – moving from niche to big time

So you’ve created a premium niche product and it’s doing well. Maybe you’ve even garnered a Great Taste Award and a loyal but small-scale online following.  Business is flourishing and things are looking good. Then, wait, WHAT? You spot an uncannily similar protein bar / kimchi jar / gluten-free pizza mix – whatever, sitting on the very shelves of the supermarket you’ve been busting a gut to get in front of. Or worse, that same retailer brings out a near identical own label version of your precious product.

Ali Findlay • 21st Feb 2022

What’s the crucial ingredient emerging food brands can’t afford to ignore?

So you’ve created a premium niche product and it’s doing well. Maybe you’ve even garnered a Great Taste Award and a loyal but small-scale online following.  Business is flourishing and things are looking good. Then, wait, WHAT? You spot an uncannily similar protein bar / kimchi jar / gluten-free pizza mix – whatever, sitting on the very shelves of the supermarket you’ve been busting a gut to get in front of. Or worse, that same retailer brings out a near identical own label version of your precious product.

Natalie Henderson • 3rd Feb 2022

Why a little love goes a long way in client and agency relationships

Just before the Covid pandemic struck, The Lane celebrated its 10th birthday. Predictably, the most common questions we get asked after a decade of business are along the lines of, “What’s changed over the years? How are things different from the early days?” It’s actually a really easy one to answer – we grew up. […]

Ali Findlay • 19th Jan 2022

Changing Lanes

We've got some exciting news to share! Check out our Movers and Lane Changers.

The Lane Agency • 7th Dec 2021

Media diet: are you reading your greens?

What's your media diet? You know the phrase you are what you eat? What about the idea that you are average of the five people you spend most of your time with? Well the same goes for what you read, watch and listen to.

Sallie Bale • 14th Sep 2021

The Lane Agency Blog - Media Diet

Oceans 10 (million)

Somewhere, over the rainbow, we will enter bounce-back territory.

Barry Fearn • 19th May 2020

Our Rainbow Campaign: A full colour ‘Thank you’!

We’ll always be big believers in the power of advertising and creativity.

Ali Findlay • 29th Apr 2020

Tools for the new normal

Here at the Lane we’ve embraced the switch from office-based working to fully remote. New tools and adaptations to our processes are ensuring that we continue to provide our clients with the creative and media support they need. Here’s what we’re currently using.

Ian Duncan • 12th Apr 2020

Something’s just not clicking: Google’s recent search result saga

If you’re one of the many who turn to Google when you need to know something/buy something/find out if you’re going to make it in time to pick up dinner before the supermarket closes… you may have noticed that their search results page has been switched about a bit recently.

Will Campbell • 12th Feb 2020

The Apprentice

No cringey tasks, no stuffy boardrooms, and absolutely no inflated egos. Just good honest work. Read all about Jessica Hoggarth’s experience as our apprentice. You’re hired! An apprentice’s experience at The Lane Agency and Lane Media

Jessica Hoggarth • 9th Jan 2020

Always on, birthdays off. Sushi Sharing Idea Guardians – join the #Laners as our new Account Manager

We're hiring! If you thrive on delivering excellence and innovation against pressing deadlines, managing creatives, developers and clients with professionalism and panache in equal measure, then you could be for us.

Chris Bruce • 7th Jan 2020

Songs to fall asleep to, and a worthwhile cause to donate to

This Saturday, December 7th, many of us are taking part in The World’s Big Sleep Out organised by Social Bite. We will be facing the bitter cold and harsh Scottish weather conditions in Princes Street Gardens, thankful that for us it’s one night and never forgetting that for some this one night is every night.    We’ve all been working hard to raise funds to help fight homelessness, it’s not too late to donate, if you’d like to then please do so via Natalie’s page here.   To help our Laners doze off on the night, we have asked everyone to pick their favourite song to fall asleep to with a quick explanation for their choice …

Jessica Hoggarth • 4th Dec 2019

Forget Black Friday, it's all about Singles' Day

Singles' Day is the biggest day in the global e-commerce calendar, but will it see the same success amongst a UK audience?

Kat Stark • 12th Nov 2019

Women supporting women: WACL Gather Scotland conference

Sallie Bale gives us an insight into her inspirational day at WACL Gather and a pertinent reminder to be the change you want to see.

Sallie Bale • 7th Oct 2019

A Day in the Life of the SSPCA

Alice Mitchell joins the Scottish SPCA at the coalface of what they do... and finds that it's a job that's as much about people as it is animals.

Alice Mitchell • 23rd Jul 2019

Going Exploring: Instagram’s New Paid Feature

A whole new direction for paid media has just arrived on your favourite app for sharing pics and videos of your holiday/baby/night out/cute pets.

Liam Hall • 11th Jul 2019

The Sound of Silence

Our man at the business development coalface, Paul Borthwick, talks professional curiosity and learning when to walk away. Oh, and of course, Love Island.

Paul Borthwick • 28th Jun 2019